Catch Up on the last episode on – Wild*Card Wednesday March 19th!

Catch Up on the last episode on – Wild*Card Wednesday March 19th!

Catch Up on the last episode on – Wild*Card Wednesday March 19th!

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Studio Guests/Special Guests Introduction


  1. Featured User Submissions: Eagle Chang Music – Right Way
  • Feature Songs & Music
  1. Artists –HotShot – I Don’t Worry Bout Them
  • Recap from Prior Week
  1. #TeamPlush & RatedStarsRadio.comhas tripled our LIVE listeners on last week’s Wild Card Wednesday on!
  2. 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival
  • Featured Review: “Rated in the Garden”
  • Pictures on Courtesy of #TeamPlush photographer O’shaun
  • Feedback from Listeners:
  1. Jarrett Epps (from Atlanta) Light skin, dark skin. Who cares. I have one requirement. Can I look at you and still love you when you wake up in the morning without all of that shit on your face called makeup. I discriminate against ugly women. I like pretty ones. Plain and simple. LOL!!!
  2. Tiffany Vaughn Edwards (from South Florida) That website trini homewreckers had me rolling.….my husband was laughing too
  3. Derek Diamante (from South Florida) I listened to half of last nights rebroadcast. I like what you all are doing! Good topix too. Gets ppl thinking and talking
  4. Tony Hammond Couldn’t leave it on ur page but yoooooo da show was fire yesterday a lil tense but it was great s/o to u n da plush crew
  5. Anthony Tyndale …just listening to you and your peoples station good so far… Great stuff. also says “ like it. Very professional” “Just gonna download them and listen one after the other. You all be on tv next!!!”
  • Relationships & Raunchiness
  • Finding out about news over social media
  1. pregnancy
  2. marriage
  3. break up
  4. engagement
  • Controversy
  • Light Skin vs. Dark Skin
  1. Does it matter? And Why?
  2. What is your preference? And is having a preference wrong?
  3. Is lighter skinned people favored?
  4. Are darker skinned people intimidating?
  5. Do you have to be light skinned to be considered beautiful?
  6. Is this Issue Just in the Black/African-American community or does this issue exist all over the world wherever people of color exist?
  7. Why is it that when this issue of skin color discussed, we stay on the surface?
  8. Are we not educated enough to speak intelligently about it?
  9. Are we afraid to offend people?
  • Social Media Feedback
  1. Jarrett Epps (from Atlanta) The reason there is division in the black community regarding skin color is because of racism. White people poisoned us by making people believe that lighter was better. History shows us that lighter skin blacks were given privilege by working in the big house or doing other duties less manual than their counterparts. It’s a sick poison that permeates our community to this day. It’s called white supremacy. Just like Bob Marley said in his song “War” that was originally a speech by Haille Salassie I to the United Nations, “Until the philosophy which holds once one race superior and another is finally a permanently discredited and abandoned everywhere is WAR!” It is this sick philosophy that poisons our people. Plain and simple. Show this to the rest if your team. I’ll be listening in next week.
  • Does cultural differences affect relationships?
  • Provocative Talk
  • Oral Sex.
  1. Are people more open to oral sex now?
  2. How soon should you do it in a relationship?
  3. How often you and your mate perform oral sex?
  4. What to do or think if your partner is not skilled or too skilled?
  5. Do you use protection?
  1. Is the media not giving Chris Brown a break or is he not learning his lesson?
  2. Is Chris Brown bipolar?
  • Fun
  1. KiatheCEO’s going to Vegas for a Marketing Convention? Contact her at 754-444-1132 to network.
  2. Events: All About The Brown Bottle – Saturday, April 19th at Lush Fusion located at 2721 N. Hiatus Rd. in Cooper City, FL. Music by Supersound, Innocent, Firm Music, Champion Squad & Gangalee Movements.
  3. Trending on Social Media – #WCW, formally known as Woman Crush Wednesday, is the new hashtag for#WILDCARDWEDNESDAY (Inside Joke for the our loyal listeners)
  • Shout Outs
  1. Photographer: O’Shaun
  2. Promoter: Ann Marie @_monaco_
  3. Schana @flawlesserror
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrities:
  1. March 19th – Queen Latifah
  2. March 20th – Spike Lee & Pat Riley
  3. March 24th – Chris Bosh
  4. March 25th – Big Sean
  • Listeners/Supporters:
  1. March 24th – Richard Small – #TeamPlush (Jewelz, Kia & HotShot’s Grandpa)
  • Loyal Listeners/Supporters Shout Out
  1. Keisha from Jacksonville
  2. Family Rel & Michelle and Mel & Lily (@_LilyLo)
  3. Vanna, Lexi, Gillian from the Tri-State Area
  • Sponsored Ads
  1. 2nd Annual All White Yacht Party Hosted by Liv Alive Social Group & Jill Tracey of Hot 105.1 FM on Saturday, May 3rd 2014. Party on Cinco De Mayo Weekend Aboard the Luxurious South Beach Lady Yacht! R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae & Much More Music by DJ Self Born & DJ Scoobz. This Yacht Party Boards @ The Hyatt Hotel Yacht Dock at 400 SE 2ND Avenue in Miami, FL at 5:30PM, Departs at 6PM and returns at 10PM. Log on for more info!
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